The history of the American west is one of cowboys and miners. Mining camps sprang up almost over night, then abandoned almost as quickly. Tragically many of these sites are being destroyed by vandals, while others at the hands of our government in the name of "mine safety". Hopefully these photos will provide a glimpse into this interesting piece of American history.

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Mines are dangerous places. Old abandoned mines can be VERY dangerous places. The majority of us who are out exploring old mines have taken the time to educate ourselves about the dangers that we face. We have a significant investment in safety equipment including helmets, multiple high quality lights, gas analysis meters, and in some cases even emergency breathing equipment. Many of us have learned and practiced rope ascending and decending techniques to expand the areas that we can explore.

We understand and accept the risks we face. We use our training, experience, safety gear, and good judgment to help us manage those risks. Ultimately there is no guarantee that we will not encounter a series of events that will ultimately lead to our death. Like sky diving, mountaineering, or scuba diving, the risks of mine exploration are part of the attraction. Facing and overcoming those risks are part of the reward.

Please take time to educate yourself if you choose to go out mine exploring. Invest in the proper safety equipment. If possible, locate and team up with experienced mine explorers in your area. They often know of mines that are appropriate for a new explorer developing his or her skills. Most importantly, use good judgment!